The whole point of people attending NDORS courses is to make a difference.  'We' want to encourage people to drive responsibly, to drive or ride within the speed limits and be considerate to other road users, which should will lead to safer roads and less death and injury. 

homepage_right.jpgEvery day, in different parts of the UK, people are attending these courses.  Sometimes people may be sceptical about attending them but the majority, on completing the course, praise the experience they have had and learn something new.  You don't need to take our word for it though. There are many positive comments on the NDORS experience in the media.

Ed Balls, the Shadow Chancellor  spoke out in support of the courses after he was caught speeding-

"I was caught and bang to rights - doing 56 in a 50 mile restriction zone. Going too far, too fast, you might say. I paid my fine and chose to attend a speed awareness course. I currently have no points on my licence and would like to keep it that way."

Describing his speed awareness course, he added: "I ended up in the Holiday Inn with 39 others. The course was very professional and actually really worthwhile. Fair cop"

Mr Balls said the experience had made him even more determined to get 20mph zones on busy roads in the area.

"What hit home were the statistics which link speed to car deaths. At 20mph, less than 10% of people will lose their lives if hit by a car. But the probability rises exponentially, going above 40% at 40mph."


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Sometimes we all need a reminder.  When was the last time you read the Highway Code?  Maybe it is time to have a refresher and help yourself.  Changes are common place on the roads and the rules around them.  There is no shame in keeping up with changing times.  In our jobs we often have extra training or refresher courses.  It makes sense to do this with other aspects of our lives, including driving!  So pick up the Highway Code, think about other road users and your driving behaviour and let us together make the roads safer for all of us. Please visit https://www.gov.uk/browse/driving/highway-code for helpful information on the highway code, breakdowns, directions, traffic signs and other important roads safety matters,










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